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Mid-level file globbing utilities for Grunt.js and node.js projects.


"Mid-level" globbing utilities

npm i utils-glob --save
var glob = require('utils-glob');
glob.content(patterns, sep) {
glob.filepath(patterns, sep) {
glob.filename(patterns, sep) {
glob.basename(patterns, sep) {

Example usage in an Underscore or Lo-Dash mixin:

var glob = require('utils-glob');
  include: function (filepath) {
    return glob.content(filepath);

Use the mixin:


Or in templates:

<%= _.include("docs/*.md") %>

Returns the concatenated content of all files in the docs/ directory with the .md extension.

Copyright (c) 2013 Jon Schlinkert Licensed under the MIT license.

Project created by Jon Schlinkert.

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