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Color Palette Generator

A utility to generate aesthetic color palettes in multiple formats (RGB, HEX, HSL) with dark and light mode variations.


  • Generate random color palettes.
  • Specify the number of colors in the palette.
  • Provide a starting color for the palette.
  • Get RGB, HEX, and HSL values for each color.
  • Receive a dark mode and light mode variation for each color.
  • Get a contrast color for text readability for each color.


npm install utility-color-palette-generator



Here's how to use the utility color palette generator:

import { generatePalette } from 'utility-color-palette-generator';

// Generate a default palette with 5 colors
const defaultPalette = generatePalette();

// Generate a palette with 3 colors
const threeColorPalette = generatePalette({ numColors: 3 });

// Generate a palette starting with a specific RGB color
const redStartingPaletteRGB = generatePalette({ startingColor: 'rgb(255, 0, 0)' });

// Generate a palette starting with a specific HEX color
const redStartingPaletteHEX = generatePalette({ startingColor: '#FF0000' });

// Generate a palette starting with a specific HSL color
const redStartingPaletteHSL = generatePalette({ startingColor: 'hsl(0, 100%, 50%)' });

Each color in the returned palette will have properties: rgb, hex, hsl, darkMode, lightMode, and contrastColor.

Testing: The package includes a suite of tests. You can run them with:

npm test

Contributing: Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you'd like to change.

License: MIT

Remember to adjust any specifics such as repository details, badges, or other project-specific information you might want to include. The README provides a brief introduction to the project, explains its features, and offers a guide on how to use it, which should make it easier for users and contributors to understand the project's purpose and functionality.

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