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Set a functions arity (the argument count) by proxying function calls.

P.S. If you need need to enforce arity and don't care about argument length or this, use nary. It's magnitudes faster than using .apply to proxy arguments.

When would I use this?

It's unlikely you'll need to use this utility in everyday development. The reason I wrote it was for functional utilities and backward compatibility with user expectations. For example, many modules use function arity to decide how the function behaves (e.g. error middleware in express, callbacks in mocha).


npm install util-arity --save


var fn = function () {};
var arity = require('util-arity');
var oneArg = arity(1, fn);
var twoArgs = arity(2, fn);
var threeArgs = arity(3, fn);
oneArgs.length; //=> 1 
twoArgs.length; //=> 2 
threeArgs.length; //=> 3 


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