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UT Tools

Continuous integration, continuous delivery and automation scrips to be used within package.json scripts section.

Starting with ut-tools version 7, it needs to be installed as a global package, instead of adding it in devDependencies, which will only slow down npm install for each developer and the Jenkins builds.

To enable VSCode linter to use the same rules as ut-tools, add these settings in the appropriate place (user or workspace settings ctrl+, ):

    "eslint.options": {
        "overrideConfigFile": "/enter the installation path here/ut-tools/eslint/.eslintrc.js"
    "eslint.nodePath": "/enter the installation path here/ut-tools/node_modules"

Available scripts

  • ut-changelog: generate or update CHANGELOG.MD, based on conventional-changelog
  • ut-check: run tests and npm audit security checks
  • ut-cover: run code coverage
  • ut-jenkins: run tests in Jenkins and optionally publish to npm if the current branch is the master
  • ut-lint-css: lint css files
  • ut-lint: lint .js files and package.json
  • ut-lint-js: lint .js files
  • ut-postversion: does not do anything currently
  • ut-precommit: run linting
  • ut-prepush: run npm test (suitable to be used in git hook)
  • ut-pretest: run linting before testing
  • ut-preversion: run test coverage before incrementing the version
  • ut-release: increment the version, push to git and publish to npmjs or nexus
  • ut-release-lerna: increment the versions of all updated lerna monorepo packages and publish to npm
  • ut-test: run all tests

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