node package manager



  • Provide simple script to release and publish usenode projects
  • Keep usenode publish code in once place
    • Get version
    • Read version in
    • Tag in github
    • Npm publish
  • Provide a Makefile template for any new usenode projects


Install with npm.

npm install usenode-release

As a minimum, usenode-release expects a directory containing a package.json file in the root.

Assuming it was installed to the node_modules directory, run the executable passing in the root of the project you want to release.

./node_modules/.bin/usenode-release path/to/project

You will then be prompted for the new version. Alternatively, the new version can be passed as a second argument.

./node_modules/.bin/usenode-release path/to/project 1.2.3

Note: you must have all changes committed to release.


Run the tests with:

make test


  • Makefile template