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TSDX Monorepo Example/Playground


This monorepo is setup for a dummy @usedb/ NPM organization. There are 2 packages by default:

  • @usedb/react - A placholder React component
  • @usedb/utils - A utils packages

Unlike other TSDX templates, the developer experience for this template is currently a bit more manual.

Your first order of business will be to search and replace @usedb for the npm organization of your own.

After that you can install all the dependencies in the root directory. Since the monorepo uses Lerna and Yarn Workspaces, npm CLI is not supported (only yarn).

yarn install

This will install all dependencies in each project, build them, and symlink them via Lerna

Development workflow

In one terminal, run tsdx watch in parallel:

yarn start

This builds each package to <packages>/<package>/dist and runs the project in watch mode so any edits you save inside <packages>/<package>/src cause a rebuild to <packages>/<package>/dist. The results will stream to to the terminal.

Using the example/playground

You can play with local packages in the Parcel-powered example/playground.

yarn start:app

This will start the example/playground on localhost:1234. If you have lerna running watch in parallel mode in one terminal, and then you run parcel, your playground will hot reload when you make changes to any imported module whose source is inside of packages/*/src/*. Note that to accomplish this, each package's start command passes TDSX the --noClean flag. This prevents Parcel from exploding between rebuilds because of File Not Found errors.

Important Safety Tip: When adding/altering packages in the playground, use alias object in package.json. This will tell Parcel to resolve them to the filesystem instead of trying to install the package from NPM. It also fixes duplicate React errors you may run into.

Running Cypress

(In a third terminal) you can run Cypress and it will run your integration tests against the playground/example. If you want to keep integration tests and examples seperate you can copy the example folder to another folder called like app or whatever. Cypress will look for localhost:1234 by default. If you change ports, also make sure to update .github/integration.yaml as well.




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