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A custom React hook that allows adding keyboard shortcuts to a React application.

import React from 'react'
import useKeyboardShortcut from 'use-keyboard-shortcut'

const App = () => {
  const { flushHeldKeys } = useKeyboardShortcut(
    ["Shift", "H"],
    shortcutKeys => console.log("Shift + H has been pressed."),
      overrideSystem: false,
      ignoreInputFields: false, 
      repeatOnHold: false 

  return (
    <div>Hello World</div>


const { flushHeldKeys } = useKeyboardShortcut(shortcutArray, callback, options)
Hook Return Type Description
flushHeldKeys Function Function to flush the array of held keys used for keydown tracking. This can help fixing "stuck" keys.
Hook Parameter Type Description
shortcutArray Array Array of KeyboardEvent.key strings. A full list of strings can be seen here
callback Function Function that is called once the keys have been pressed.
options Object Object containing some configuration options. See options section


A list of possible options to put in the options object passed as the third parameters to the hook.

Option Default Description
overrideSystem false Overrides the default browser behavior for that specific keyboard shortcut. See caveats section
ignoreInputFields true Allows enabling and disabling the keyboard shortcuts when pressed inside of input fields.
repeatOnHold true Determines whether the callback function should fire on repeat when keyboard shortcut is held down.


Flaky System Override Shortcuts There are some issues when it comes to overriding default keys such as Meta, Control, and Alt with more than two keys, i.e Meta + S + F, these combinations don't work as well as they should due to limitations set by the browsers. They have flaky performance. Using more than two keys in a keyboard shortcut works for keys that don't also handle browser actions such as Shift + S + F. However for keyboard shortcuts such as Meta + S + V will have flaky performance and some of the events maybe bubble up to the browser and open the browser's save dialog.

Some browsers just simply ignore Event.preventDefault() when it comes to specific browser actions. For example, on Chrome the shortcut Meta + S can be prevented sometimes from opening the Save Dialog, however the shortcut Meta + T cannot be prevented from opening a new tab. Results may vary depending on the browser.

Callback behavior or browser behavior that causes a system dialog to appear might perform poorly. During testing, the keyup listener doesn't fire in some browsers if the callback or overriden shortcut resulted in a dialog appearing. For example, creating a shortcut such as Meta + A that opens an alert(), may sometimes cause the keyup listener to not fire and cause keys to be "stuck".

Bugs / Problems

Please create an issue.

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