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  • FIXED: display() call was not correctly handled
  • REFACTOR: the build system now includes the components in the same project and bower dependencies are checked in the repository.


  • ADDED: UT.Image deal with SVG both in input and output.
  • FIXED: post.navigate('browse') open link in new window/tab but without being stuck by pop-up blockers.



  • ADDED : UT.preloader to preload expression assets


  • FIX : touchevent on iOS devices


  • ADDED : post.isStatic() method that let you control if expression is displayd in a static state
  • FIX : A bug that prevent .display() to work correctly


  • ADDED : post.display() method that let you control when an expression is display


  • ADDED : Media event in componnt
  • REFACTOR: component have better css
  • ADDED: post.context.mediaFirst
  • minor bug fixes


  • ADDED : Follow API (let you follow user, get followr / following list)
  • ADDED : Support for error callback on dialog method.
  • ADDED : notification API with support for suggestRotation
  • ADDED : Geoloaction API
  • ADDED : Post api (let you programaticly jump to the 'set note' step)
  • FIXED : A bug with fastclick
  • REFACTOR : the jquery.ut-sticker component and API


  • REFACTOR: the jquery.ut-sticker components and API
  • REFACTOR: the jquery.ut-sound components and API
  • REFACTOR: the jquery.ut-video components and API
  • FIX: dialog('XX', {label: "Search cats video!"}) who was broken in 1.0.2
  • FIX: minor fixes


  • ADDED: Post.dialog('users'...) to display a list of users (who voted what?)
  • ADDED: Post.dialog('image', {preferredFormat:'jpeg'}) try to make jpeg from your png image in order to reduce the size
  • ADDED: dialog('XX', {label: "Search cats video!"}) -> display a custom placeholder in the chooser search field -- ADDED: ut-image, ut-audio and ut-video component support this through options.i18n.dialogLabel
  • ADDED: @mention in post send mention notifications if fields are indexed
  • ADDED: UT.Expression.apiVersion() and UT.Expression.version() added.
  • FIX: tons of improvement in the text-widgets
  • FIX: minor fixes



  • FIX: Multiples bugs


  • FIX: Multiple bugs


  • ADDED: Urturn components
  • FIX: Multiple bugs


  • FIX: ready event triggered twice if registered after edit.


  • NEW: Video data added


  • NEW: Use scroll() to get the current scroll position and scroll({top: 123}) or scroll({bottom: 0}) to scroll to specific positions.
  • NEW: Added the method UT.Post.queueUp(name, callback) that will retrieve the next available number in the sequence name.
  • NEW: Expression starting from 0.8.0 must support to be resized in width at runtime.
  • NEW: use size() to retrieve the current size.
  • REFACTOR: Listen on 'scroll' instead of 'scrollChanged' to get notified when the scroll has been updated.
  • REFACTOR: use size(args) instead of resize(args) to resize the post.
  • REFACTOR: post.size() and post.scroll() now accept an optional callback that will be triggered once the operation complete. The global events post.on('scroll') and post.on('resize') will be called as well as before.
  • FIX: scroll event is fixed.
  • FIX: post.users('current') now have valid numberOfPost and numberOfUse values (notes that there might be some delays to the update).


  • FIX: fixed a bug where parent data collection was preventing expression loading on mobile.


  • FIX: context use indiferently 'editor' or 'edit'. Now use 'editor' or 'player' syntax.


  • REFACTOR UT.Collection / UT.PublicCollection: Collection and PublicCollection are now two different classes given the fact their roles are indeed very differrent.
  • ADD: UT.PublicCollection.find() retrieve the most recent item of the collection. This open the door to a whole new kind of expression where viewer items are used directly rather than with their comments.
  • ADD: UT.User, representing a user
  • ADD: UT.Post#users([items], callback) a method that retrieve an array of UT.User for a given array of items, the current user when 'current' is given as first parameter or an UT.User instance if only one item is given.
  • ADD: UT.Post#isOwner(user) return true if the given user is the post owner
  • ADD: UT.Post#isCurrentUser(user) return true if the given user is the current user


  • FIX: a bug where .dialog callback was not called when user close the library


  • FIX: a bug that prevent .on('media') to work correctly with bookmarklet.


  • ADD User API: let you retrieve information on current user.
  • ADD: support for new UT.Image(URL) : let you create an UT.Image form an url.
  • ADD: pause event on post, called when post is hedded and media should pause.
  • FIXED : Multiple bugs in user collection
  • Fix a bug where array cannot be serialized
  • Fix a bug where items with null value was not fully removed
  • Fix a bug where undefined items was not removed
  • Fix a bug where setting an item to null was throwing an exception on save (issue #8381)
  • Fix a bug where storage was accepting functions, now throw an Error
  • Better tests of collections sanitization method
  • Refactor the tests to avoid using public collections for everything


  • Implements the 'flat API'.


  • add a new method to get Parent Document data when use Urturn. Use expression.getParentData() to get parent document data. Return an empty object if no data are set.


  • new method signature for Post#textInput([options], [callback]) where options support keys value, max and multiline, and callback receive the resulting string or null if none are typed.

Build Process

We use Grunt to build the package and bower to manage our internal dependencies. Every dependencies must have a valid bower.json file that will list their main resources.


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