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Quickly generate screenshots, PDFs and other renders using the urlbox screenshot as a service API.

Signup at Urlbox to get an API key and secret.


npm install urlbox --save


import Urlbox from "urlbox";

// Get your API key and secret from urlbox.com
const urlbox = Urlbox(YOUR_API_KEY, YOUR_API_SECRET);

// See all urlbox screenshot options at urlbox.com/docs
const options = {
  url: "github.com",
  thumb_width: 600,
  format: "jpg",
  quality: 80,

const imgUrl = urlbox.generateRenderLink(options);
// https://api.urlbox.io/v1/YOUR_API_KEY/TOKEN/jpg?url=github.com&thumb_width=600&quality=80

Now stick that url in an img tag to render the screenshot!

Urlbox Screenshot of github.com

Available options:

Option Default Description
url - The URL of the website you want to screenshot
width 1280 Viewport width of the browser in pixels
height 1024 Viewport height of the browser in pixels
selector - Take a screenshot of the element that matches this selector
thumb_width - Width in pixels of the generated thumbnail, leave off for full-size screenshot
format png Format of the resulting screenshot image (png or jpg)
user_agent - User-Agent string used to emulate a particular client.
cookie - Set a cookie value before taking a screenshot. E.g. OptIn=true. Can be set multiple times to set more than one cookie.
delay - Amount of time to wait in milliseconds before urlbox takes the screenshot
wait_for - Waits for the element specified by this selector to be visible on the page before taking a screenshot
timeout 30000 Amount of time to wait in milliseconds for the website at url to respond
full_page false Specify whether to capture the full-length of the website
flash false Enable the flash plugin for flash using websites
force false Take a fresh screenshot instead of getting a cached version
ttl 2592000 (30 days) Short for 'time to live'. Number of seconds to keep a screenshot in the cache. Note the default is also the maximum value for this option.
quality 80 JPEG only - image quality of resulting screenshot (0-100)
disable_js false Turn off javascript on target url to prevent popups
retina false Take a 'retina' or high definition screenshot equivalent to setting a device pixel ratio of 2.0 or @2x. Please note that retina screenshots will be double the normal dimensions and will normally take slightly longer to process due to the much bigger image size.
click - Element selector that is clicked before taking a screenshot e.g. #clickme would click the element with id="clickme"
hover - Element selector that is hovered before taking a screenshot e.g. #hoverme would hover over the element with id="clickme"
bg_color - Hex code or css color string. Some websites don't set a body background colour, and will show up as transparent backgrounds with PNG or black when using JPG. Use this setting to set a background colour. If the website explicitly sets a transparent background on the html or body elements, this setting will be overridden.
crop_width - Crop the width of the screenshot to this size in pixels
hide_selector - Hides all elements that match the element selector by setting their style to display:none !important;. Useful for hiding popups.
highlight - Word to highlight on the page before capturing a screenshot
highlightfg white Text color of the highlighted word
highlightbg red Background color of the highlighted word
use_s3 false Save the screenshot directly to the S3 bucket configured on your account

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