Tool to normalize and compare URL structures


This a very simple node.js module for comparing URLs it has two function normalise and isEqual

var urlTools = require('url-tools'),
    options = {
        lowercase: true,
        removeWWW: true,
        removeTrailingSlash: true,
        forceTrailingSlash: false,
        removeSearch: true,
        removeHash: true,
        removeHashbang: true,
        removeProtocol: true

normalize = urlTools.normalize('https://www.GlennJones.net?p=test', options);
// normalize would equal: 'glennjones.net'

isequal = urlTools.isEqual('https://www.GlennJones.net?p=test', glennjones.net, options );
// isequal would equal:  true