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Node module for that allows API interaction as well as local file upload.

    var uploadcare = require('../lib/main')('public_key', 'private_key'),
        fs = require('fs');
    //API interaction'file_id', handler);'file_id', handler);
    uploadcare.files.remove('file_id', handler);'group_id', handler);
    //Paginated list of files/groups info 
    uploadcare.files.list({page: 1, limit: 100}, handler);
    uploadcare.groups.list({page: 1, limit: 100}, handler);
    //Upload from file 
    uploadcare.file.upload(fs.createReadStream(path), function(err,res){
        //Res should contain returned file ID 
    //Upload from URL 
    uploadcare.file.fromUrl('http://host/image/path', function(err,res){
        //Res should contain returned file ID 
npm install uploadcare

Install uploadcare globally (npm install -g uploadcare) and you have a CLI tool for interacting with the REST API.

Get info for an uploadcare file or group.

# Single file 
uc info --pub=demopublickey --priv=demoprivatekey 1b53f25b-ac5e-46e7-9a76-8bf77d755c55
# Group of files 
uc info --pub=demopublickey --priv=demoprivatekey 80077b0a-3882-4bbc-b4f4-aabf45ff8fb7~3
  • -u, --pub Public key to use (REQUIRED)
  • -r, --priv Private key to use (REQUIRED)
  • -p, --pretty Pretty print the response