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    updates is a CLI tool which checks for npm dependency updates of the current project and optionally updates package.json. It is highly configurable and is typically able to complete in less than a second.


    # install globally
    npm i -g updates
    # or install locally as a devDependency and run via `npx updates`
    npm i -D updates

    Then, check for new updates:


    When changes are satisfactory, update package.json and reinstall modules:

    updates -u && npm i

    To only reinstall modules when updates are available:

    updates -uU && npm i

    On a CI, it might be desireable to fail a build when updates are available:

    updates -E


    See --help or below for the available options. Option that take multiple arguments can take them either via comma-separated value or by specifying the option multiple times. If an option has a optional pkg argument but none is given, the option will be applied to all packages instead.

    usage: updates [options]
        -u, --update                       Update versions and write package.json
        -p, --prerelease [<pkg,...>]       Consider prerelease versions
        -R, --release [<pkg,...>]          Only use release versions, may downgrade
        -g, --greatest [<pkg,...>]         Prefer greatest over latest version
        -i, --include <pkg,...>            Include only given packages
        -e, --exclude <pkg,...>            Exclude given packages
        -t, --types <type,...>             Check only given dependency types
        -P, --patch [<pkg,...>]            Consider only up to semver-patch
        -m, --minor [<pkg,...>]            Consider only up to semver-minor
        -d, --allow-downgrade [<pkg,...>]  Allow version downgrades when using latest version
        -E, --error-on-outdated            Exit with code 2 when updates are available and 0 when not
        -U, --error-on-unchanged           Exit with code 0 when updates are available and 2 when not
        -r, --registry <url>               Override npm registry URL
        -G, --githubapi <url>              Override Github API URL
        -f, --file <path>                  Use given package.json file or module directory
        -S, --sockets <num>                Maximum number of parallel HTTP sockets opened. Default: 96
        -j, --json                         Output a JSON object
        -c, --color                        Force-enable color output
        -n, --no-color                     Disable color output
        -v, --version                      Print the version
        -V, --verbose                      Print verbose output to stderr
        -h, --help                         Print this help
        $ updates
        $ updates -u
        $ updates -u -m -e eslint
        $ updates -u -U && rm -rf node_modules && npm i

    JSON Output

    The JSON output is an object with possible properties results, message and error:

    updates -j | jq
      "results": {
        "dependencies": {
          "p-map": {
            "old": "3.0.0",
            "new": "4.0.0",
            "info": "https://github.com/sindresorhus/p-map",
            "age": "3 days"
        "devDependencies": {
          "eslint": {
            "old": "6.7.2",
            "new": "6.8.0",
            "info": "https://github.com/eslint/eslint",
            "age": "3 months"

    © silverwind, distributed under BSD licence


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