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Unrars rar archives


Unrars rar archives with unrar utility

npm install unrar

You must have unrar tool in the path

var Unrar = require('unrar');
var archive = new Unrar('archive.rar');
// or 
// var archive = new Unrar({ 
//   path:      protectedArchivePath, 
//   arguments: ['-pPassword'] 
// }); 
archive.list(function (err, entries) {
  var stream ='some_binary_entry'); // name of entry 
  stream.on('error', console.error);
var Unrar = require('unrar');
var archive = new Unrar('/path/to/some/file.rar');
  • options String|Object File path or options object
    • path String File path
    • arguments Array Additional arguments for unrar command
  • callback Function
    • error Error
    • entries Array Descriptions of archive entries
  • entryName String Name of entry for extracting

Returns readable stream