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Universal (isomorphic) React Starter

A professional universal (isomorphic) react starter for building web apps.

Why universal JavaScript

Universal JavaScript (aka "isomorphic JavaScript") means that run the code on both the client and the server. There are many advantages to building apps this way, but the primary advantages are:

  • Faster page loads. By rendering on the server, you get to send down a complete webpage, cut out an HTTP request, etc.

  • More reliable SEO. Any crawler that navigates to your site will see a complete page filled with content, rather than an empty page that requires JavaScript execution.

Data fetching

Universal data fetching use global fetch in src/fetchData.js module:

fetch(url).then(function (res) {
  return res.json()

Entry HTML

Entry HTML src/inde.jst is a JST file. 


  • Start - npm start - Start server for production.
  • Developing - npm run dev - This will run a server at localhost:3000.
  • Build - npm run build - Generate assets under dist directory.