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Process sass/less/postcss and generate sourcemap correctly.


npm i --save universal-css-processor


universal-css-processor offers a simple and universal API to handle less/sass/postcss and generate sourcemap.

process(glob, processors, options)

  • glob is array of globs, such as [styles/**/*.less], used to find/locate files to be processed.
  • processors is array of processor configs. Every config is like { name: String, options: Object}, and the option will be passed to processor. And built-in processors include less/sass/scss/postcss/autoprefixer/minify/concat/css.
  • options is the config for all processors, such as { map: Boolean, base: String}.

The typical usage is below:

const ucprocessor = require('universal-css-processor')
    // glob to list files you want to handle 
    ['test/resource/sass/*.scss', '!test/resource/sass/_*.scss'],
        'sass', // directly specify sass processor 
            name: 'autoprefixer' // use name to specify processor 
            name: 'concat',
            // offer options 
            options: {
                destFile: 'all.css',
                rebaseUrl: true
            name: 'minify',
            options: {
                rename: true
        map: true // generate map 
).then(file => {
    // regroup map file 
    return ucprocessor.writeMap(file, '.', {
        destPath: 'dest'
    }).then(mapFile => {
        // write map file and processed style file to disk 


Surely inspired by gulp and its plugins like gulp-sourcemaps, gulp-postcss, gulp-sass and gulp-concat. Most part of code is rewrited based on their codebase, and thanks for their great work.

The goal for this lib is integrating and simplifying the process of style and sourcemap.