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Aggregates debug, nlogger and console output into unilog.


Aggregates debug, nlogger and console output into the unilog node.js module.

node.js projects rely on plenty of modules and many of them use distinct log facilities. Having a unified log output is difficult and configuring the log output is even worse.

unilog aims to unify logging and unilog-nexus allows you to redirect the log output of some well-known log modules into unilog.

It's just a single line of code!

Put this code at the very beginning of your node.js project to ensure that all supported log libraries are correctly hooked.


You can disable hooking of specific libraries if you want to.

    console: false,
    debug:   false,
    nlogger: false,

This section roughly describes the mapping between the redirected module and unilog.

  • No group id will be provided to unilog.
  • console.error()unilog.error()
  • console.log()
  • console.warn()unilog.warn()
  • require('debug')('a:b:c')require('unilog').withGroupId('a.b.c')
  • debug()unilog.debug()
  • require('nlogger').logger(module)require('unilog').withModule(module)
  • nlogger.debug()unilog.debug()
  • nlogger.error()unilog.error()
  • nlogger.trace()unilog.trace()
  • nlogger.warn()unilog.warn()

The original implementations aren't lost! Just in case you need them for some quick debugging.

  • console.error()console.log.raw()
  • console.log()console.log.raw()
  • console.warn()console.warn.raw()
  • require('debug')('xyz')require('debug').raw('xyz') or
  • debug('log message')debug.raw('log message')
  • require('nlogger').logger(module)require('nlogger').raw(module)
$ npm install unilog-nexus
$ npm install
$ npm test

Support this project by providing redirector implementations for even more node.js log modules.

  • Add support for util.debuglog() and the debuglog module.
  • Implement even more redirectors.