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Javascript interface to the Unicode Character Database (currently using Unicode 10.0.0).

npm install unidata10 --save


Using ES6 syntax:

import {getBlocks, getCharacters} from 'unidata10';

There are a few other exports (and a couple useful interfaces, if you're using TypeScript), but these are the main methods.

They both simply call require() to load the preprocessed Unicode data from a JSON file.

const characters = getCharacters();
const blocks = getBlocks();

These are both just arrays. characters is a list of Character, and blocks is an array of Block. Blocks are simple; every item in blocks has these three fields:

> blocks.length
> blocks.slice(0, 5)
[ {   startCode: 0, endCode: 127, blockName: 'Basic Latin' },
  { startCode: 128, endCode: 255, blockName: 'Latin-1 Supplement' },
  { startCode: 256, endCode: 383, blockName: 'Latin Extended-A' },
  { startCode: 384, endCode: 591, blockName: 'Latin Extended-B' },
  { startCode: 592, endCode: 687, blockName: 'IPA Extensions' } ]

Characters are richer, but the representation is parsimonious: if a field is not available or not applicable for a given character, that key will be undefined.

> characters.length
> characters.slice(32, 40)
[ { code: 32, name: 'SPACE',            cat: 'Zs', bidi: 'WS' },
  { code: 33, name: 'EXCLAMATION MARK', cat: 'Po', bidi: 'ON' },
  { code: 34, name: 'QUOTATION MARK',   cat: 'Po', bidi: 'ON' },
  { code: 35, name: 'NUMBER SIGN',      cat: 'Po', bidi: 'ET' },
  { code: 36, name: 'DOLLAR SIGN',      cat: 'Sc', bidi: 'ET' },
  { code: 37, name: 'PERCENT SIGN',     cat: 'Po', bidi: 'ET' },
  { code: 38, name: 'AMPERSAND',        cat: 'Po', bidi: 'ON' },
  { code: 39, name: 'APOSTROPHE',       cat: 'Po', bidi: 'ON', oldName: 'APOSTROPHE-QUOTE' } ]

The first three fields, code, name, and cat, are always present. The other ten are optional. (For details on the optional fields, and what values to assume when they are omitted, see the comments on the Block interface.)


Copyright 2015 Christopher Brown. MIT Licensed.

Updated for Unicode 10.0.0 by Ben Weinshel.


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