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Unicode Tokenizer for line breaking.

This is a tokenizer that tokenizes text into the line breaking classes defined by the Unicode Line Breaking algorithm (tr14). This is useful when performing Natural Language Processing or doing manual line breaking.


var Tokenizer = require('Tokenizer'),
    tokenizer = new Tokenizer();

tokenizer.on('data', function(tokenClass, token) {
    console.log(tokenClass, token);

tokenizer.write('Hello World!');

The Tokenizer class is a valid Node.js Stream so it can be used with other streams:


The full range of Unicode code points are supported by this tokenizer, however the default installation only tokenizes selected portions of the Basic Multilingual Plane roughly corresponding to most western scripts and math symbols. To generate a tokenizer that can tokenize the whole Unicode range or a subset modify the included-ranges.txt and excluded-classes.txt and run the Makefile.