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    UI5 Class Parser

    Parser package for UI5 based projects

    Primarely used by ui5plugin-linter package and Visual Studio Code SAPUI5 Extension

    How to use

    Parser is a singleton, so you should get an instance first and initialize right away. Initialization process reads the metadata of standard SAPUI5 classes and parses all projects in CWD (Current working directory).

    const parser = UI5Parser.getInstance();
    await parser.initialize();


    It is possible to pass parameters to getInstance method, its signature allowes to pass an object which implements such an interface:

    interface IConstructorParams {
      fileReader?: IFileReader;
      classFactory?: IUIClassFactory;
      configHandler?: IParserConfigHandler;

    The only parameter which theoretically could be interesting to anybody is configHandler. It is possible to implement IParserConfigHandler interface and provide your own config handling. IParserConfigHandler looks as follows:

    interface IParserConfigHandler {
      getUI5Version(): string;
      getExcludeFolderPatterns(): string[];
      getDataSource(): string;
      getRejectUnauthorized(): boolean;
      getLibsToLoad(): string[];


    How to get info about a JS Class:

    const UIClass = parser.classFactory.getUIClass("com.test.any.class")

    UIClass will have class metadata such as fields, methods, properties, aggregations, associations, events etc.

    Default Config Handler

    By default parser uses PackageParserConfigHandler, which reads the data from package.json in CWD.

    package.json config interface

    PackageParserConfigHandler uses IUI5PackageConfigEntry interface in order to get the config.

    interface IUI5PackageConfigEntry {
      ui5?: IUI5ParserEntry
    interface IUI5ParserEntry {
      ui5parser?: IUI5ParserEntryFields
    interface IUI5ParserEntryFields {
      ui5version?: string;
      excludeFolderPatterns?: string[];
      dataSource?: string;
      rejectUnauthorized?: boolean;
      libsToLoad?: string[];

    Config default values

    Default package.json config looks as follows:

      "ui5": {
        "ui5parser": {
          "ui5version": "1.60.10",
          "excludeFolderPatterns": [
          "dataSource": "",
          "rejectUnauthorized": false,
          "libsToLoad": [

    Theese are default values, which can be overriden.

    In case of libsToLoad all additional libraries which are added in package.json will be added to the default values, not rewritten.



    npm i ui5plugin-parser

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