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    ui5-task-nwabap-deployer is a custom UI5 Tooling task which allows to directly deploy the builded sources to a SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server.

    Starting from version 2.0.0 this deployer uses the OData Service /UI5/ABAP_RESPOSITORY_SRV for deploying UI5 sources. Please make sure that the service is activated on your system (for details you can check SAP note 2999557). The new service does some sanity checks like e.g. virus scans. If you have not configured virus scan profiles or want to disable virus scanning please have a look to SAP note 2437892. Current deployer versions starting from version 2.0.0 can be used with SAP systems on which component SAP_UI 753 is installed. On systems with a lower version of component SAP_UI, you have to use version 1.x.x of this deployer.


    npm install ui5-task-nwabap-deployer --save-dev

    Configuration Options (in $yourapp/ui5.yaml)

    • resources
      • pattern: optional string | array glob pattern to match files for deployment (e.g. **/*.* to match all files); if not set **/*.* is used
    • connection
      • server: string SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server information in form protocol://host:port (alternative: set environment variable UI5_TASK_NWABAP_DEPLOYER__SERVER)
      • client: optional string Client of SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server; if not set default client of server is used (alternative: set environment variable UI5_TASK_NWABAP_DEPLOYER__CLIENT)
      • useStrictSSL: optional true|false SSL mode handling. In case of self signed certificates the useStrictSSL mode option can be set to false to allow a deployment of files; default value: true
      • proxy: optional string Proxy to be used for communication to SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server (e.g. http://myproxyhost:3128).
      • testMode: optional boolean Do deployment in test mode (alternative: set environment variable UI5_TASK_NWABAP_DEPLOYER__TESTMODE).
      • customQueryParams: option key/value query parameter values added to the call to the SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server
    • authentication
      • user: stringUser used for logon to SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server (alternative: set environment variable UI5_TASK_NWABAP_DEPLOYER__USER)
      • password: string Password used for logon to SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server (alternative: set environment variable UI5_TASK_NWABAP_DEPLOYER__PASSWORD)
    • ui5
      • language: optional string Language for deployment (e.g. EN); default value EN
      • package: string Defines the development package in which the BSP container for the UI5 sources is available or should be created.
      • bspContainer: string Defines the name of the BSP container used for the storage of the UI5 sources. Length is restricted to 15 characters (exclusive customer specific namespaces, e.g. /YYY/).
      • bspContainerText: string Defines the description of the BSP container.
      • transportNo: optional (in case package is set to $TMP) string Defines the transport number which logs the changes (alternative: set environment variable UI5_TASK_NWABAP_DEPLOYER__TRANSPORTNO).
      • createTransport: optional true|false Set this option to true in case a new transport should be created each time the application is deployed.
      • transportText: optional string Text for transport to be created.
      • transportUseUserMatch: optional true|false It will be tried to find a transport request of the given user. If no transport is found and createTransport is enabled a new one will be created and used for further file deployments.
      • transportUseLocked: optional true|false If a deployment failed due to the BSP application is locked in another transport, the old (original one) transport will be used to deploy the files.


    1. Define the dependency in $yourapp/package.json
    "devDependencies": {
        // ...
        "ui5-task-nwabap-deployer": "*"
        // ...
    "ui5": {
        "dependencies": [
            // ...
            // ...
    1. Configure it in $yourapp/ui5.yaml
      - name: ui5-task-nwabap-deployer
        afterTask: generateVersionInfo
            pattern: "**/*.*"
            server: http://myserver:8000
              myCustomParameter1: myCustomValue1
              myCustomParameter2: myCustomValue2
            user: myUser
            password: myPassword
            language: EN
            package: ZZ_UI5_REPO
            bspContainer: ZZ_UI5_TRACKED
            bspContainerText: UI5 Upload
            transportNo: DEVK900000    

    Further Information

    Environment Variables

    For development purposes environment variables can be stored in a .env file. They are automatically applied by the dotenv module.

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