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    Draggable rows plugin for ui-grid

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    Play with HTML5 drag and drop in angular ui-grid.


    Checkout our codepen collection http://codepen.io/collection/nmykqV/


    Install using npm

    npm install ui-grid-draggable-rows

    Install using bower

    bower install ui-grid-draggable-rows

    Add plugin as dependency to your module

    angular.module("app", ["ui.grid", "ui.grid.draggable-rows"]);


    To add drag and drop functionality you have to insert ui-grid-draggable-rows directive to your table.

    <div ui-grid="gridOptions" class="grid" ui-grid-draggable-rows></div>

    Now, you have to add draggable wrapper to your rowTemplate. If you have your own template just replace the inner div.

    $scope.gridOptions = {
        rowTemplate: '<div grid="grid" class="ui-grid-draggable-row" draggable="true"><div ng-repeat="(colRenderIndex, col) in colContainer.renderedColumns track by col.colDef.name" class="ui-grid-cell" ng-class="{ \'ui-grid-row-header-cell\': col.isRowHeader, \'custom\': true }" ui-grid-cell></div></div>'

    To add action after dropping row register new listener on rowDropped event.

    $scope.gridOptions.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {
        gridApi.draggableRows.on.rowDropped($scope, function (info, dropTarget) {
            console.log("Dropped", info);

    To enable using a "handle" for dragging the rows, add the useUiGridDraggableRowsHandle property to your gridOptions and add this class to your handle: ui-grid-draggable-row-handle.

    $scope.gridOptions.useUiGridDraggableRowsHandle = true;

    Additional styling

    When you drag a row over others they get additional css class ui-grid-draggable-row-over. This plugin has default styling for these elements. If you are using less you could import styles into your application.

    @import "/path/to/bower_components/ui-grid-draggable-rows/less/draggable-rows";

    If you are using clear css just put these styles into your stylesheet.

    .ui-grid-draggable-row-target {
      opacity: 0.5 !important;
    .ui-grid-draggable-row {
      height: 30px;
    .ui-grid-draggable-row-over {
      position: relative;
    .ui-grid-draggable-row-over:before {
      content: "";
      display: block;
      position: absolute;
      left: 0;
      width: 100%;
      border-bottom: 1px dotted #AAA;
    .ui-grid-draggable-row-over--above:before {
      top: 0;
    .ui-grid-draggable-row-over--below:before {
      bottom: 0;

    List of events

    Event Listener Original event Description
    rowDragged function(info, rowElement) onDragStart Fired once during start dragging
    rowEnterRow function(info, rowElement) onDragEnter Fired when draggable row enter on other row
    rowOverRow function(info, rowElement) onDragOver Fired when draggable row is over other row
    rowLeavesRow function(info, rowElement) onDragLeave Fired when draggable row leaves other row
    rowFinishDrag function() onDragEnd Fired after finish dragging
    beforeRowMove function(from, to, data) Fired before a row's index is changed
    rowDropped function(info, targetElement) onDrop Fired when row is dropping to other row

    To listen these events just register new listener via ui-grid API.

    info is an object with the following properties

        draggedRow: domElement,     // The dragged row element
        draggedRowEntity: object,   // The object the dragged row represents in the grid data (`row.entity`)
        targetRow: domElement,      // The target row element
        targetRowEntity: object,    // The object the target row represents in the grid data
        position: string,           // String that indicates whether the row was dropped
                                    // above or below the drop target (determined by half row height)
                                    // eg. 'above' or 'below'
        fromIndex: int,             // Original position of dragged row in sequence
        toIndex: int,               // New position of dragged row in the sequence
    $scope.gridData.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {
        gridApi.draggableRows.on.rowDragged($scope, function (info, rowElement) {
            console.log("Start dragging...");
            // do something

    Public methods

    Method Description
    setDragDisabled(boolean) Enable or disable drag 'n drop functionality

    All public methods are accessible through dragndrop object from gridApi. See example below

    $scope.gridData.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {

    Handling grouping

    In order to handle grouping you have to manually set the 'from' grouping value to that of the 'to' as shown below.

    $scope.gridData.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {
        gridApi.draggableRows.on.beforeRowMove($scope, function (from, to, data) {
            console.log("Setting the grouping values");
            data[from].groupValue = data[to].groupValue;


    • automatically insert the required template row
    • write test (better late than never)
    • improve documentation


    Project is currently maintained by codewave.eu.


    Plugin ui-grid-draggable-rows has been originally developed by Szymon Krajewski.


    The MIT License © 2015 - 2016


    npm i ui-grid-draggable-rows

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