Bindings to libudev

node-udev - list devices in system and detect changes on them

This library attempts to follow the libudev where it makes sense. I only needed some usb input device detection so I was happy with quite few features.

Requires node-v0.8.0, nan and libudev.

npm install udev
sudo apt-get install libudev-dev
npm install udev
var udev = require("udev");

console.log(udev.list()); // this is a long list :)

var monitor = udev.monitor();
monitor.on('add', function (device) {
    console.log('added ' + device);
    monitor.close() // this closes the monitor.
monitor.on('remove', function (device) {
    console.log('removed ' + device);
monitor.on('change', function (device) {
    console.log('changed ' + device);