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    A plugin for Typesite that allows you to wrap file contents' with a JSX layout and render it all to HTML.


    Run npm install typesite-jsx-layouts

    How to use

    First register JsxLayoutPlugin plugin in your Typesite project:

    typesite.use(new JsxLayoutPlugin({
        layoutsDirectory: "src/layouts",
        removeDataReactRoot: true,
        prefix: "<!DOCTYPE html>",
        suffix: "<!-- Website made with Typesite -->"

    Then add JsxLayoutMeta to the frontmatter of whatever files you want to put into a layout. It takes one argument, the name or path to the layout file relative to the layouts directory provided to JsxLayoutPlugin, including file extension:

    export default new Frontmatter(
        new JsxLayoutMeta('wrap.tsx'),
        "I will have my own layout today~~!"

    Then, finally, create a new .tsx file in your layouts directory and export new instance of JsxLayout. It takes a callback which will be given the file's contents neatly wrapped in {__html: ""} for immediate use in JSX, ContentFile and Typesite as params and will expect you to return JSX.Element:

    export default new JsxLayout((content, file, typesite) => {
        return <html>
            <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={content}/>

    And that's it!



    The plugin that performs the wrapping in layout.


    • Argument options.layoutsDirectory: string The relative or absolute path to the directory containing the layouts. The layouts defined in JsxLayoutMeta will be resolved by being joined with this value.
    • Argument options.removeDataReactRoot: boolean Controls whether to remove any and all data-reactroot attributes that might appear
    • Argument options.prefix: string and options.suffix: string Optional strings which are added before and after the layout respectively. Useful if you want to add doctype before the actual HTML or anything else that can't be a valid JSX.
    • Exception Typesite.ArgumentNullError when options.layoutsDirectory is null
    • Exception Typepsite.ArgumentInvalidError when:
      • options.layoutsDirectory does not exist
      • options.prefix is not null or a string
      • options.suffix is not null or a string


    The meta that defines which layout to use for the given file


    • Argument layoutFileName :string Name or path to the layout file, relative to layoutsDirectory defined in JsxLayoutPlugin
    • Exception Typesite.ArgumentNullError When layoutFileName is null
    • Exception Typesite.ArgumentInvalidError When layoutFileName is not a string


    A class defining layout's contents.


    • Argument render: (content: { __html: string }, path: string, file: ContentFile, files:ContentFileCollection, typesite: Typesite) => JSX.Element A function that should return the final content of the file after being wrapped. content is already prepared for use with dangerouslySetInnerHTML
    • Exception Typesite.ArgumentNullError When render is null
    • Exception Typesite.ArgumentInvalidError When render is not a function


    Exception thrown when layout file cannot be found, is not accessible, is incorrect or does not export default an instance of JsxLayout.

    • Getter layoutFileName Name of the file which had thrown an error


    npm i typesite-jsx-layouts

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