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For Bukkit.


Created By https://github.com/Tommyhetrick (Tools used are on there!)

This is meant to be used for the PlaceholderAPI javascript extension to provide types

Instructions for Use:

First, install typesforbukkit with npm:

npm install typesforbukkit

Then add one of the following triple slash directives to your typscript files:

<reference types="typesforbukkit" />

will give you types for the latest version of Minecraft, or:

<reference types="typesforbukkit/<version>" />

Be careful when using the first option because it could change with an update at any time based on the latest Bukkit version

Supported Minecraft Versions:

  • 1.18.2

  • 1.18.1

  • 1.18

  • 1.17.1

  • 1.17

  • 1.16.5


  • 1.0:

    • Original Release, created (slowly) from May to November 21st, 2021
    • Minecraft 1.16.5 support
  • 1.1.0:

    • Minecraft 1.17 support
    • Minecraft 1.17.1 support
    • Actually provided the subclassWatch script
    • I didn't know NPM supported markdown... duh.
  • 1.1.1:

    • Fixed typos in the readme
  • 1.1.2:

    • Fixed errors because I forgot to actually test compile
    • cleanup.sh removes subclassWatch so I moved it into each version for now
  • 1.2.0:

    • Minecraft 1.18 support
  • 1.2.1:

    • Actually changed the version at the top of the readme.
  • 1.3.0:

    • Minecraft 1.18.1 support
    • moved non-bukkit packages out of each version (java, snakeyaml, guava) and into the external folder
    • added versions to readme
  • 1.4.0:

    • Minecraft 1.18.2 support
    • moved most types and constants out into a global file as well as package descriptions
    • Actually added a reference for org.bukkit.Skull
    • Forgot getTicksPerWaterUndergroundCreatureSpawns and getWaterUndergroundCreatureSpawnLimit in org.bukkit.Bukkit and org.bukkit.World (1.17.1+)
    • Forgot isWhitelistEnforced in org.bukkit.Bukkit (1.17+)
    • Removed unused files from 1.18.1
    • Removed return from functions with return type void... because why not.
  • 1.14.1:

    • Actually added the second argument (for the command) to org.bukkit.Server.dispatchCommand()


  • Make sure to run subclassWatch.js if you wish to use any of the following directly in your code:
    • Subclasses
    • The org.bukkit.plugin.java package
    • etc. (if anything has a symbol in its name, use the script if you want to use it directly)
  • org.bukkit.configuration is kind of a mess because somebody thought it was a great idea to name both a method and field options so now it causes tons of problems. Thanks.


  • Make sure all constructors have descriptions,
    • [^\/][\t ]*\n[\t ]constructor([\w :.<>_$])[ ;{]+

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