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    How to use?


    import {Worker, WorkerOptions, isMainThread, MessageChannel, MessagePort, workerData, parentPort, threadId} from 'typescript_worker_threads'


    Use it just like native "worker_threads" module



    Why I use it?

    The native module "worker_threads" just support ".js" file, when I coding typescript program I have to code & import JS file into project, Otherwise I cannot use it. I don't know is anybody met same situation as mine, but this module can help me a lot.

    So, I take a brief intro for this module to explain how it works. I just rewrite the class "Worker", to make the first argument "filename" accept module id string, therefore I can get full path of the module I just import, then, I detect the extension name of the module file, general speaking, the directory structure would not changed during ts compiling, therefore, the only thing changed is the file extension, if I import ts module, after compile the name will become .js from .ts, overwritten "Worker" class will execute different procedure for ".js" and ".ts", to make sure threads worker receive pure javascript file path eventually

    import {ModuleResolver} from './ModuleResolver'
    import {Worker as ThreadsWorker} from 'worker_threads'
    import {WorkerOptions} from '../interfaces/WorkerOptions'
    import {rm} from 'shelljs'
    import path from 'path'
    export class Worker extends ThreadsWorker {
    	constructor(id: string, options?: WorkerOptions) {
    		let jsFilename: string
    		super((() => {
    			const moduleResolver = new ModuleResolver(id)
    			 * This will return JS file path
    			jsFilename = moduleResolver.resolveModule()
    			return jsFilename
    		})(), options)
    		this.on('online', () => {
    			try {
    				rm('-rf', path.dirname(jsFilename))
    			} catch (e) {

    The file convert class called "ModuleResolver", once it received ".ts" file, it will compile typescript code to javascript code, and return the js file

    import os from "os"
    import path from "path"
    import * as ts from "typescript"
    import {MD5} from 'crypto-js'
    import {ScriptTarget, ModuleKind, ModuleResolutionKind} from 'typescript'
    import {int} from 'random'
    import process from 'process'
    export class ModuleResolver {
    	private readonly outputPath: string
    	private readonly callerStrIndex: number = 5
    	private readonly TS_EXT: string = '.ts'
    	private readonly JS_EXT: string = '.js'
    	private readonly id: string
    	private filename: string
    	constructor(id: string) {
    		this.id = id
    		const outputDirname: string = `.${MD5(`${Date.now()}-${int(0, 65535)}`).toString()}`
    		this.outputPath = path.resolve(process.cwd(), outputDirname)
    	private getCallerDirname(): string {
    		const stackStr: string = new Error('Caller').stack
    		const callerLineStr: string = stackStr.split(os.EOL)[this.callerStrIndex].trim()
    		const callerFilePath: string = callerLineStr.split('(')[1].split(')')[0].split(':')[0]
    		return path.dirname(callerFilePath)
    	public resolveModule(): string {
    		if (this.filename) return this.filename
    		const moduleFullPath: string = require.resolve(path.join(this.getCallerDirname(), this.id))
    		const extension: string = path.extname(moduleFullPath)
    		switch (extension) {
    			case this.TS_EXT: {
    				const _filename: string = `${path.basename(moduleFullPath).split(extension)[0]}${this.JS_EXT}`
    				const program = ts.createProgram([moduleFullPath], {
    					inlineSourceMap: true,
    					sourceMap: true,
    					inlineSources: true,
    					target: ScriptTarget.ES5,
    					module: ModuleKind.CommonJS,
    					outDir: this.outputPath,
    					moduleResolution: ModuleResolutionKind.NodeJs,
    					removeComments: false,
    					strict: false,
    					esModuleInterop: true,
    					experimentalDecorators: true,
    					emitDecoratorMetadata: true,
    					pretty: true,
    					allowJs: true
    				this.filename = path.resolve(this.outputPath, _filename)
    			case this.JS_EXT: {
    				this.filename = moduleFullPath
    			default: {
    				throw new Error(`Invalid extension [${extension}]`)
    		return this.filename


    npm i typescript_worker_threads

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