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TypeScript ESLint Parser

A parser that converts TypeScript source code into an ESTree-compatible form.

Important: This parser is not fully compatible with all ESLint rules and plugins. Some rules will improperly mark source code as failing or not find problems where it should.

Supported TypeScript Version

We will always endeavor to support the latest stable version of TypeScript.

The version of TypeScript currently supported by this parser is ~2.9.1. This is reflected in the devDependency requirement within the package.json file, and it is what the tests will be run against. We have an open peerDependency requirement in order to allow for experimentation on newer/beta versions of TypeScript.

If you use a non-supported version of TypeScript, the parser will log a warning to the console.

Please ensure that you are using a supported version before submitting any issues/bug reports.

Known Issues

The following ESLint rules will fail on acceptable code:

The follow ESLint plugins have issues when used with this parser:

  • eslint-plugin-import
    • prefer-default-export - Will fail exports inside of Namespaces or Modules



npm i typescript-eslint-parser --save-dev

And in your ESLint configuration file:

"parser": "typescript-eslint-parser"

Help Wanted!

If you're familiar with TypeScript and ESLint, and you'd like to see this project progress, please consider contributing. We need people with a good knowledge of TypeScript to ensure this parser is useful.

Reporting Bugs

Please check the current list of open and known issues and ensure the bug has not been reported before. When creating a new issue provide as much information about your environment as possible. This includes:

  • ESLint Version
  • TypeScript version
  • TypeScript parser version
  • ESLint config or rules and plugins currently enabled

As well include a small code sample that can be used to reproduce the issue.


Issues and pull requests will be triaged and responded to as quickly as possible. We operate under the ESLint Contributor Guidelines, so please be sure to read them before contributing. If you're not sure where to dig in, check out the issues.

Build Commands

  • npm test - run all linting and tests
  • npm run lint - run all linting
  • npm run ast-alignment-tests - run only Babylon AST alignment tests
  • npm run integration-tests - run only integration tests


TypeScript ESLint Parser is licensed under a permissive BSD 2-clause license.


npm i typescript-eslint-parser

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