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Contains a list of reusable TypeScript libraries, services, and general utilities. These are all defined as angular 2 services, easily made available via providers.


Angular directives that are applied as attributes to an element in order to modify the element's behavior.


Contains Angular pipes, which can be applied to bindings using the Angular pipe operator <span>{{myMoney | currency}}</span>

Contains interfaces for several types of pipes. Also an abstract base class for defining serializable filters.


Contains miscellaneous tools and utilities for working with objects and other useful tasks.

Injecting a service

import { Component, Inject } from '@angular/core';
import { object, OBJECT_PROVIDER } from 'typescript-angular-utilities/services';

  selector: 'some-selector',
  template: '<span>html!</span>',
  providers: [OBJECT_PROVIDER], // Or include UTILITY_PROVIDERS in a root component
export class MyComponent {
  private objectService: object.IObjectUtility;

  constructor(@Inject(object.objectToken) objectService: object.IObjectUtility): void {
    this.objectService = objectService;


  private testForEmpty(): boolean {
    return this.objectService.isNullOrEmpty(this.someValue);


Contains common type definitions or objects.


Contains a simple enumeration describing less than, equal, greater than along with a primitive number comparison function.

export enum CompareResult {
    greater = 1,
    equal = 0,
    less = -1,


Can be used to build more descriptive enumerations were each entry contains a value, a machine name (or abbreviation), and a display / pretty name. Extend to build enumeration lists. IItem can also be extended to provide additional meta information on items in the list.

Building and Testing

Please always test new builds to ensure non-breaking commits and PRs

The primary build scripts are:

npm install

Installs external libraries and dependencies. Should be run after pulling down code changes.

npm run build

Compiles TypeScript files into JavaScript.

npm test or npm run test

Runs the tests.

Use npm run test.debug to debug test failures. npm run test.tc uses the TeamCity reporter to print out results for TeamCity. npm run test.full runs the tests in multiple browsers instead of Chrome alone.

npm run bundle

Bundle all of the javascript files together and put in the output folder.


In addition, there are some useful combination tasks: npm run install-build npm run build-test

To perform a full build from scratch, including install, build, bundle, run: npm run full-build


Several tasks can be modified with .watch in order to watch the file system for changes: npm run build.watch npm run build-bundle.watch npm run build-test.watch

In general, - is used to indicate combined / joint tasks; . is used to indicate a subtask or a modification or variation of a task.


npm i typescript-angular-utilities

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