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Typed REST and HTTP Client with TypeScript Typings

A lightweight REST and HTTP client optimized for use with TypeScript with generics and async await.


  • REST and HTTP client with TypeScript generics and async/await/Promises
  • Typings included so no need to acquire separately (great for intellisense and no versioning drift)
  • Basic, Bearer and NTLM Support out of the box. Extensible handlers for others.
  • Proxy support
  • Certificate support (Self-signed server and client cert)
  • Redirects supported

Intellisense and compile support:



npm install typed-rest-client --save

Or to install the latest preview:

npm install typed-rest-client@preview --save


See the samples for complete coding examples. Also see the REST and HTTP tests for detailed examples.



The HTTP client does not throw unless truly exceptional.

  • A request that successfully executes resulting in a 404, 500 etc... will return a response object with a status code and a body.
  • Redirects (3xx) will be followed by default.

See HTTP tests for detailed examples.


The REST client is a high-level client which uses the HTTP client. Its responsibility is to turn a body into a typed resource object.

  • A 200 will be success.
  • Redirects (3xx) will be followed.
  • A 404 will not throw but the result object will be null and the result statusCode will be set.
  • Other 4xx and 5xx errors will throw. The status code will be attached to the error object. If a RESTful error object is returned ({ message: xxx}), then the error message will be that. Otherwise, it will be a generic, Failed Request: (xxx).

See REST tests for detailed examples.


To enable detailed console logging of all HTTP requests and responses, set the NODE_DEBUG environment varible:

export NODE_DEBUG=http


set NODE_DEBUG=http

Node support

The typed-rest-client is built using the latest LTS version of Node 8. We also support the latest LTS for Node 6 and newer.


To contribute to this repository, see the contribution guide

To build:

$ npm run build

To run all tests:

$ npm test

To just run unit tests:

$ npm run units

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