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A vector tile cache generator for geojson


Create a cache vector tiles from GeoJSON files.

npm install -g tylr

Using tylr can be done in 2 ways, either as a command line utility or as a node module.

# using a -f to pass in features 
tylr -f ./examples/us-states.json -d ./output -n states -l 0,5 -t pbf
# OR stream features in like this
cat ./examples/us-states.json | tylr -d ./out -n states
var options = {
  d: './out',
  n: 'layer-name',
  t: 'pbf',
  l: '0,5'
// pass the options into tylr 
var tylr = require('tylr')(options)
// add array of features to tile 
var features = [...]
// add each feature to tylr 
feature.forEach(function (f) {
// finally dump the features out to disk 
  • -f input geojson
  • -n name of tiles (for client side rendering / styling)
  • -t output type ('pbf', 'json')
  • -d output dir
  • -l zoom levels ( 0 to 20 )

Using the -t options you can have tylr create either protocol buffer tiles adhering to the Mapbox Vector Tile Spec or as GeoJSON tiles.