Twitter API client library for node.js

A twitter client written in Javascript

var error = function (err, response, body) {
    console.log('ERROR [%s]', err);
var success = function (data) {
    console.log('Data [%s]', data);

var twitter = new Twitter(config);
twitter.getUserTimeline({ screen_name: 'BoyCook', count: '10'}, error, success);
twitter.getMentionsTimeline({ count: '10'}, error, success);
twitter.getHomeTimeline({ count: '10'}, error, success);
twitter.getReTweetsOfMe({ count: '10'}, error, success);
twitter.getTweet({ id: '1111111111'}, error, success);

The config is the OAuth properties for the account that the client connects with. They look like this:

    "consumerKey": "{consumerKey}",
    "consumerSecret": "{consumerSecret}",
    "accessToken": "{accessToken}",
    "accessTokenSecret": "{accessTokenSecret}",
    "callBackUrl": "{callBackUrl}"

There is a test file TwitterITSpec.js that does a basic integration tests of the client. It uses a properties file test/spec/properties.json to inject in the OAuth properties. These will need to be updated with your own details before the tests will run

make test