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twitter-node-sdk aims to provide a complete, asynchronous client library for the Twitter API 1.1.


var Twitter = require('twitter-node-sdk');

var config = {
    consumerKey: '{consumerKey}',
    consumerSecret: '{consumerSecret}',
    accessToken: '{accessToken}',
    accessTokenSecret: '{accessTokenSecret}',
    callBackUrl: '{callBackUrl}'

var twitter = new Twitter(config);

twitter.getUserTimeline({ screen_name: 'BoyCook', count: '10'}, error, success);
twitter.getMentionsTimeline({ count: '10'}, error, success);
twitter.getHomeTimeline({ count: '10'}, error, success);
twitter.getReTweetsOfMe({ count: '10'}, error, success);
twitter.getTweet({ id: '1111111111'}, error, success);