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node-twister - Twist your URIs


npm install twister

What's it do?

It allows you to rewrite URIs using a simple syntax. This can be useful for routing requests etc.


// Load the Twister module
var Twister = require("twister");

// Create a new rewriter (you can have multiple rewriter instances that are independant of one another)
var tw = new Twister();

// Add a rule that will map the URI /foo to /bar.
   from : '/foo',
   to : '/bar'

// Outputs: /bar
tw.rewrite('/foo',function(twisted) {

// Outputs: /bop (if a URI doesn't match a rule, it is just returned as is)
tw.rewrite('/bop',function(twisted) {


  • Routes can support the following formats:
    • /foo/bar - Static mapping
    • /foo/* - Will match /foo/bar /foo/bar/baz etc.
    • /foo/*/bar - Will match /foo/super/bar but not /foo/boo/baa/bar or /foo/bar -
  • Routes can capture segments from the URI and inject into the target URL:
    • /foo/bar/* -> /controller/action/*
      • This will use the end of the URI matched by the * and replace the * in the target URI.
        • /foo/bar/12345 -> /controller/action/12345
        • /foo/bar/12345/fred -> /controller/action/12345/fred
    • /foo/*/* -> /controller/*/data/*
      • This will take each * in the route and map it to each * in the target URI respectively.
        • /foo/bar/12345 -> /controller/bar/data/12345
        • /foo/bing/boing/bang -> /controller/bing/data/boing/bang
    • /foo/*/* -> /controller/{2}/{1}
      • This will take each * in order and map the first * to {1} the second to {2} etc.
        • /foo/pop/weasel -> /controller/weasel/pop
        • /foo/egg/chicken -> /controller/chicken/egg
        • /a/b/*/*/* -> /a/b?x={1}&y={2}&z={3}