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    npm install twi-js

    Configuring Module

    const Twitter = require("twi-js");

    How to use

    Main Module

    try {
      const twitter = new Twitter(search_keywords, bearer_token, pages, whole_search, options);
    } catch (error) {


    1. search_keywords (required): List of all keywords, hashtags and users
    2. bearer_token (required): Beare token
    3. pages (required): Number of times you want to search
    4. whole_search (required): Pass true if user has generated whole search query else false
    5. options (optional): Options contains lot of filters

    Options Argument

    Options is an object which contains other objects and values. Options contains following properties:

    1. media_filters
    2. query_filters
    3. options
      • include_entities
      • count
      • result_type
      • lang
      • until
      • tweet_mode
      • geocode

    Above mentioned all are optional parameters. search_keywords, bearer_token and pages are only required parameters.

    Parameters and Values

    media_filters: {  
       links: boolean | undefined,  
       images: boolean | undefined,  
       videos: boolean | undefined  
       media: boolean | undefined // for both kind (Image and Video)  
       vine: boolean | undefined  
    query_filters: {  
       to: string | undefined, // pass twitter username
       from: string | undefined, // pass twitter username
       retweets: boolean | undefined,  
       replies: boolean | undefined,  
       verified: boolean | undefined  
    options: {
       include_entities: boolean | undefined,
       count: number | undefined,
       result_type: string | undefined,
       lang: string | undefined,
       until: string | undefined, // Date format: YYYY-MM-DD
       tweet_mode: string | undefined, // If value is passed it should be extended.
       geocode: {
          latitude: number,
          longitude: number,
          radius: number,
          matric: string,
       } // Object | undefined

    Here, where undefined is mentioned it states that one can ignore that parameter.

    How To

    1. How to search for word group: To search google developers club, pass '"google developers club"'

      • Pass keywords wrapped around double quotes
      • What signle quotes do is consider "google developers club" as a string
      • Double quotes are for internal recognition of grouping
    2. How to search for multiple words: To search tweets containing node and express

      • If we want both hashtags: node AND express or node express
      • If we want any hashtag (or both): node OR express
    3. How to search exclude word: To search tweets containing mongo and exclude mysql

      • If we want to exclude word mysql pass: mongo -mysql
    4. How to search for multiple hashtags:
      To search tweets containing #javascript and #webdev

      • If we want both hashtags: #javascript AND #webdev or #javascript #webdev
      • If we want any hashtag (or both): #javascript OR #webdev

    Note: If you write @username in search_keywords it will give you tweets in which user was mentioned.


    • [ ] Add More Filters
    • [ ] Add Test
    • [ ] Add Comments
    • [ ] More Documentation
    • [x] Base Upload
    • [x] Some Filters
    • [x] Basic Github Automation
    • [x] Manual Testing

    If you want to learn more about these filters and parameter you can read my Introduction to Twitter API blog or official Twitter API Documentation.


    npm i twi-js

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