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Use twitter through your terminal


$ npm install tweety -g



Identify yourself! You'll only have to do this once.

$ tweety init

It'll prompt you to visit a URL, that URL will ask you to identify the app on twitter, and then it'll show you a code. Back on the command line, enter that code and the app will save your tokens on a local json file.


To send a message, just run the following command:

$ tweety someUserName "The complete message"

Note that if your message is longer than 140 characters, tweety will split it into as many parts as required and it'll send all parts sequentially. I should also point out, when typing the username you're sending your message to - you do not need to put an @ at the beginning. If you were to send a message to me (@ImJaken) then your command would look like this:

$ tweety ImJaken "Hey Jaken!"

Receiving / Reading

With tweety you can do both: listing the latest 20 messages of your inbox, or reading a specific message. Here is how:

Listing inbox

In order to read the latest 20 messages of your inbox, just use the following command:

$ tweety read inbox

You'll get a list of messages with the id of the message, the screen name of the sender, when was it send, and a small part of the text. Something like this:

--- [ Inbox ](last 20 messages) ---
[403959669888401400] FROM: someUser - 11/22/2013 - 4:54:25 pm - This message is too ...
[403951109326524400] FROM: anotherUser - 11/22/2013 - 4:20:24 pm - Testing short message
[364477670723043300] FROM: anotherUser1 - 08/5/2013 - 5:07:03 pm - Thank you so much for followin...
[352955266691657700] FROM: ImJaken - 07/4/2013 - 10:01:07 pm - Thank you so much for followin...
[326768482609930240] FROM: dribble - 04/23/2013 - 3:44:11 pm - Thanks for the follow! Check o...
[315868386716430340] FROM: coderbits - 03/24/2013 - 1:51:06 pm - Here is your beta invitation f...

 To read the full content of a message, do: `tweety read ID` (where ID is the first number shown above)```

Reading a specific message

If you want to the the full content of a specific message, just use the ID listed above, like this:

$ tweety read 315868386716430340

And you'll get something like this:

--- [ Message from: someUser on 11/20/2013 - 4:23:12 pm ] ---
Hey, this is your direct message!


npm i tweety

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