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Ark TweetNLP is a Part-of-Speech Tagging tool for Tweets.

Installation :

TweetNLP Node module uses Node-Java as a dependency. Your project environment should be properly configured to work with Node-Java. Click here to learn more about Node-Java.

npm install tweetnlp --save

Usage :

The following is a copy and paste example of how to use the tweetnlp module.

 var TweetNLP = require("tweetnlp");
 var tweetnlp = new TweetNLP();
 var tweet = '#MakeYourTailgate RT @DAbitty: My @MakersMark Bloody Mary in @Waterford Crystal.';
 tweetnlp.runTagger(tweet, function(error, array) {a

Configurations :

TweetNLP Node module uses a trained model by default. You can pass a file path to your own trained model when initializing the module.
Example :

var TweetNLP = require("tweetnlp");
var tweetnlp = new TweetNLP('path/to/trained/model');

### Resources : Official TweetNLP Site :
Ark Tweet-NLP for Node Github:

My Twitter : @notmilobejda
My Website :