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Readable streams of tweets from Twitter's public stream API's.

Tweets + Readable = Tweetable.

Very alpha at the moment.



  • api: API credentials from Twitter. Object with key and secret properties.
  • access: Access credentials from Twitter (unique to the user the request is being made for). Object with token and secret properties.
  • method: Twitter public streams method. Currently must be user, filter, sample or firehose (if you have access, which you probably don't).
  • params: Params for filter streams or user streams. Do not use with sample or firehose streams.

Returns a readable stream that emits an object for each Tweet (not strings or buffers, like most Node streams).

var tweetable = require('tweetable')
var api = {
  key: 'twitter app API key',
  secret: 'twitter app API secret'
var access = {
  token: 'twitter user access token',
  secret: 'twitter user access secret'
tweetable(api, access, 'filter', {track: 'california'}).on('data', function (tweet) {
  var localCreatedAt = new Date(Date.parse(tweet.created_at))
  console.log('%s: %s', localCreatedAt, tweet.text)
}).on('error', function (err) {
  console.error(err, err.stack)