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A Node.js client library for TVRage's API.


npm install tvrager


Example of searching for shows matching "Person of Interest":

tvrager.find('Person of Interest', function(list) {

Example of getting an episode list for "Person of Interest":

tvrager.getEpisodeList('28376', function(list) {

The two examples above use the default, cleaned, output format. All functions can take an optional parameter (at the end) to specify the output format as either 'xml' or 'xml2js'. 'xml' is simply what tvrage returns (an XML string), while 'xml2js' is that XML made into an object using xml2js.

Example of getting show information, for "Person of Interest", in XML (string) format:

tvrager.getShowInfo('28376', function(list) {
}, 'xml');

Example of getting a list, in 'xml2js' format, of all shows:

tvrager.getListShows(function(list) {
}, 'xml2js');

NOTE: The "cleaned" format might miss out on some information. However, the functions mapping the data from 'xml2js' to the cleaned format can easily be modified.

See test.js for more examples.


  • Implement the cleaners for findFull, getEpisodeInfo, getFull and listShows. At the moment, they're simply the same as the 'xml2js' format.
  • Proper testing.



Hannes Landstedt a.k.a. zarac


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