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TypeScript Module Compiler

What is it?

tsmc is a TypeScript module compiler. It's a tool to tackle complexity of large apps allowing you to define the app's modules and have them compiled and agregated into supermodules at your will.

Why should I use it?

If you have a medium to large sized app or library that you want to compile both broken down by modules and to a single file, then tsmc is the right tool for the job.

tsmc allows you to configure multiple module definitions (which will work as compilation targets) to generate diferent combinations of your source code.

As an example, lets say you are creating a component based javascript framework, and you have the following module structure:

  - ui
    - modals
    - carousel
    - menu
  - data
    - rest
    - binding
  - ajax

Now, let's say you want every submodule available separately as well as each group and a package with the entire framework. The following tsmc config would give it you:

  "name": "awesomejs"
  "moduleRoot": "."
  "submodules": {
    "ui": {
      "name": "awesomejs-ui",
      "moduleRoot": "ui",
      "submodules": {
        "modals": "modals/module.tsm",
        "carousel": "carousel/module.tsm",
        "menu": "menu/module.tsm"
    "data": {
      "name": "awesomejs-data",
      "moduleRoot": "data",
      "submodules": {
        "rest": "rest/module.tsm",
        "binding": "binding/module.tsm",
    "awesomejs-ajax": "ajax/module.tsm"

That will generate the following files:

  • awesomejs-ui.js
  • awesomejs-ui-modals.js
  • awesomejs-ui-carousel.js
  • awesomejs-ui-menu.js
  • awesomejs-data.js
  • awesomejs-data-rest.js
  • awesomejs-data-binding.js
  • awesomejs-ajax.js
  • awesomejs.js
Note: For each of those files, you'll also get a declaration (.d.ts) file and a sourcemap ( file.

I want it, so what do I do now?

Check out the Quick Start to see how to get it working on your project.