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A manager for Titanium SDK versions

tsm: Titanium SDK Manager

tsm is a small utility which helps you to manage your installed sdk versions. Often, it is useful to download the latest versions of the SDK off of Appcelerator's build page. However, this can be tedious; especially for users who do not use the Titanium/Apptana studio nonsense.

The utility can be installed via npm:

npm install -g tsm

You will now have the tsm command available to you. tsm uses node-semver to make it easier to select versions. To list all available builds in the 2.1 release, try

tsm ls 2.1

To list all available builds:

tsm ls all

You can even specify ranges:

tsm ls '> 2.0 < 2.1'

You can also install an sdk version:

tsm install 2.1

This will install the latest build available from the matched versions.

Note that 2.0 is parsed as a float, so if you want to install 2.0, specify it like this

tsm install 2.0.x

or else you'll get 2.1 instead.

This is currently OSX only; Linux support is coming as well.