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Replace alias paths with relative paths after typescript compilation. You can add aliases that reference other projects outside your tsconfig.json project by providing a relative path to the baseUrl.

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Comparison to tsconfig-paths

+ Compile time (no runtime dependencies)

Getting Started

First, install tsc-alias as devDependency using npm.

npm install -g tsc-alias
npm install --save-dev tsc-alias

Add it to your build scripts in package.json

"scripts": {
  "build": "tsc --project tsconfig.json && tsc-alias -p tsconfig.json",

================ OR ===================

"scripts": {
  "build": "tsc && tsc-alias",
  "build:watch": "tsc && (concurrently \"tsc -w\" \"tsc-alias -w\")"


If you have an issue, please create one. But, before:

  • try to check the FAQ.
  • try to check if there exits alike issues.
  • try to run with --debug and check if config is correctly loaded and all sourcefiles are found.



npm install tsc-alias


import { replaceTscAliasPaths } from 'tsc-alias';


Here are all the available options:

Option Description Default Value
project, p path to tsconfig.json 'tsconfig.json'
watch Observe file changes false
outDir Run in a folder leaving the "outDir" of the tsconfig.json (relative path to tsconfig) tsconfig.compilerOptions.outDir
declarationDir Works the same as outDir but for declarationDir tsconfig.compilerOptions.declarationDir
resolveFullPaths Attempt to replace incomplete import paths (those not ending in .js) with fully resolved paths (for ECMAScript Modules compatibility) false
resolveFullExtension Allows you to specify the extension of incomplete import paths, works with resolveFullPaths '.js' | '.mjs' | '.cjs'
silent Reduced terminal output. This is a deprecated option and no longer has any effect. true
verbose Additional information is output to the terminal false
debug Debug information is send to the terminal false
replacers Files to import as extra replacers More info []
output The output object tsc-alias will send logs to. new Output(options.verbose)
fileExtensions Overwrite file extensions tsc-alias will use to scan and resolve files. undefined

Configuration via tsconfig.json Example

  "compilerOptions": {
  "tsc-alias": {
    "verbose": false,
    "resolveFullPaths": true,
    "replacers": {
      "exampleReplacer": {
        "enabled": true,
        "file": "./exampleReplacer.js"
      "otherReplacer": {
        "enabled": true,
        "file": "./otherReplacer.js"
    "fileExtensions": {
      "inputGlob": "{js,jsx,mjs}",
      "outputCheck": ["js", "json", "jsx", "mjs"]

Single file replacer

We can use tsc-alias in a single file, with a function that returns the modified contents.

We prepare the replacer with prepareSingleFileReplaceTscAliasPaths(), passing the same options that we would pass to replaceTscAliasPaths(). That will return a promise of a function that receives the file contents and path, and returns the transformed contents, synchronously.

import { prepareSingleFileReplaceTscAliasPaths } from 'tsc-alias';

const runFile: SingleFileReplacer = await prepareSingleFileReplaceTscAliasPaths(options?);

function treatFile(filePath: string) {
  const fileContents = fs.readFileSync(filePath, 'utf8');
  const newContents = runFile({fileContents, filePath});
  // do stuff with newContents

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