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ts init

Minimalist TypeScript package initializer - like npm init, but for TS.

Install globally:

npm i -g ts-init

From now, whenever you want to create a new TypeScript project, just run:

npm init

What does it actually do? Well, not a lot! It will:

  1. Install dev dependencies: typescript, ts-node and rimraf (for cross-platform rm -rf).
  2. Create npm scripts to build your project with TS compiler and run it with ts-node. Build files will be also properly declared in your package.json and added to .gitignore.
  3. Create a minimalist tsconfig.json file with sane defaults: ES6 with the following flags set to true: alwaysStrict, strictNullChecks, noImplicitAny.


  • npm run build - build your project
  • npm run ts - run your project with ts-node

Project structure

  • src/ - your source files, must contain index.ts file.
  • test/ - your test files
  • es/ - ES6 build using ES modules
  • lib/ - ES5 build using CommonJS (npm) modules. This directory contains *.d.ts declaration files too.


Almost every JavaScript library should be written in TypeScript.

This project is meant to provide everything you need in order to create an npm library (and potentially any other JS project) with modern TypeScript compiler. This way you can use modern ES6 features and static types without any cost.

In the same time, it tries not to force you to use something which is just an opinionated tool. It doesn't include a linter, testing library like Jest or some heavy TS configuration. Everything is kept as minimal as it's possible.