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    Schema Description: Truffle Contract Object

    type object
    JSON Schema contract-object.spec.json

    truffle-contract uses a formally specified1 JSON object format to represent Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts. This representation is intended to facilitate the use of general purpose smart contract abstractions (such as truffle-contract) by capturing relevant smart contract information in a persistent and portable manner.

    Objects following this schema represent individual smart contracts as defined by their name and interface. Each object primarily includes a JSON array representing the contract's ABI2, but extends to include any and all information related to the contract and its lifecycle(s). Objects in this schema may represent pre-compiled source code, compilation annotations such as source mappings, references to specified deployed instances on multiple networks, and/or links to external contracts.

    A full property listing is below. Properties not marked "required" are not necessary to include in valid descriptions of contract objects, but functionally certain information must be present to allow the contract object representation to be useful (source/bytecode/etc. enable the deployment of new instances, networks listed with prior contract instance addresses enable interaction with deployed contracts on-chain)


    1. JSON Schema

    2. Ethereum Contract JSON ABI



    type string matching pattern ^[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*$
    default "Contract"

    Name used to identify the contract. Semi-alphanumeric string.


    type array
    JSON Schema abi.spec.json

    External programmatic description of contract's interface. The contract's ABI determines the means by which applications may interact with individual contract instances. Array of functions and events representing valid inputs and outputs for the instance.


    type object

    not included in current version of this specification

    Abstract Syntax Tree. A nested JSON object representation of contract source code, as output by compiler.


    type string matching pattern ^0x0$\|^0x([a-fA-F0-9]{2}\|__.{38})+$
    ref Bytecode

    EVM instruction bytecode that runs as part of contract create transaction. Constructor code for new contract instance. Specified as a hexadecimal string, may include __-prefixed (double underscore) link references.


    type string matching pattern ^0x0$\|^0x([a-fA-F0-9]{2}\|__.{38})+$
    ref Bytecode

    EVM instruction bytecode associated with contract that specifies behavior for incoming transactions/messages. Underlying implementation of ABI. Specified as a hexadecimal string, may include __-prefixed (double underscore) link references.


    type string

    Uncompiled source code for contract. Text string.


    type string

    File path for uncompiled source code.


    type string matching pattern ^[0-9;]*

    Source mapping for bytecode, pairing contract creation transaction data bytes with origin statements in uncompiled source.


    type string matching pattern ^[0-9;]*

    Source mapping for deployedBytecode, pairing contract program data bytes with origin statements in uncompiled source.


    type string matching pattern [0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+

    Version of this schema used by contract object representation.


    type string
    format IS0-8601 Datetime

    Time at which contract object representation was generated/most recently updated.


    type object

    Listing of contract instances. Object mapping network ID keys to network object values. Includes address information, links to other contract instances, and/or contract event logs.

    Properties (key matching ^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$)

    type object
    ref Network Object

    Custom Properties


    type string or number or object or array

    Objects following this schema may include additional properties with x--prefixed keys.



    type string matching pattern ^0x0$\|^0x([a-fA-F0-9]{2}\|__.{38})+$

    0x-prefixed string representing compiled EVM machine language.

    This string representation may indicate link references in place of linked instance addresses. Link references must begin with __ and be exactly 40 characters long (i.e., string length of an address in hexadecimal).


    npm i truffle-contract-schema

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