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This module is an early work in progress. For the moment it is totally unsupported and should only be used in an experimental context.


A web3 provider which makes it possible to connect Truffle with Sawtooth Seth blockchains.

Supported operations

We intend to add support for all operations listed below, but items with a ❌ are yet to be completed.

  • truffle migrate ✔️
  • Use with truffle-conflux-contract in browser ✔️
  • truffle test ✔️ (if running against seth build which includes hyperledger/sawtooth-seth#77)
  • truffle debug

Important differences between Sawtooth Seth and Core Ethereum

It's important to know that Seth doesn't behave exactly like core Ethereum. An incomplete list of these differences is below.

  • No status flags on transaction receipt.
  • Transaction receipts contain the transaction's return data.
  • No support for the REVERT opcode.
  • Gas price is always 0.
  • Much larger block and transaction hashes.
  • Sawtooth's underlying data structure is a Radix Merkle Tree instead of a Merkle Patricia Tree.
  • Blocks aren't mined in Sawtooth, they're validated by a central validator network.
  • You must enable the BlockInfo Transaction Family if your contracts reqire the ability to read blockchain metadata (e.g. the previous block's hash).

For a more comprehensive understanding of Sawtooth's architecture, please see the Architecture Description section of Sawtooth's documentation site.

Library usage


npm install --save-dev truffle-conflux-sawtooth-seth-provider

Truffle configuration

Example truffle-conflux-config.js:

const SethProvider = require('truffle-conflux-sawtooth-seth-provider');
module.exports = {
  networks: {
    seth: {
      provider: new SethProvider(''),
      network_id: "*" // Match any network id

Usage in the browser with Webpack

Webpack is highly recommended for frontend usage. This README won't cover how to set up webpack for your project, as each project is different. However, when packing truffle-sawtoot-seth-provider you may see an error about an inability to resolve the fs module. The fs module isn't required for frontend use, so you can safely work around this error message by adding the following to your webpack configuration:

node: {
   fs: "empty"


Printing RPC requests and responses

This module makes use of the debug module to print RPC requests and responses. The debug module key for this module is SethProvider.

To enable RPC request/response output on the command line, ensure your DEBUG environment variable contains SethProvider:RPC.

To enable RPC request/response output in the browser, open your debugging console and run localStorage.debug = 'SethProvider:RPC' and refresh the page.

For more on how to use the debug module, see the Usage section in the debug module's README.




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