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    Trk Datatables

    This is javascript package that depends on datatables and works with trk_datatables gem

    Here is example demo Rails application

    This package is using following npm packages:

    Installation on Ruby on Rails with webpack

    Find on

    Somehow it needs provided jquery plugin even it does not load another instance of jquery (note that when you use yarn link trk_datatables it loads two jqueries so do not assume that yarn link is the same as node_modules).

    const { environment } = require('@rails/webpacker')
    const webpack = require('webpack');
    environment.plugins.append('Provide', new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
      $: 'jquery',
      jQuery: 'jquery',
      Popper: ['popper.js', 'default']
    module.exports = environment

    Installation with script tag

    Look for example test/support/server_side.html and run yarn build to generate dist/index.js.

    <!-- test/support/server_side.html -->
        <script type="text/javascript" src="./../../dist/index.js"></script>
        <table data-datatable='true' data-datatable-ajax-url='http://localhost:3004/clubs/search.json' id='myTable'>
          trkDatatables(window, $).initialise()


    You can search for passedOptions to see which parameters you can change:

    • language
    • dateRangePickerDateFormat and dateRangePickerDateTimeFormat


    To run test you can

    # run all test files
    yarn test
    # run single
    node node_modules/.bin/jest --runInBand test/initialise.test.js

    You can open sample with

    yarn start
    # open examples in dist
    gnome-open http://localhost:8081/dist/client_side.html
    gnome-open http://localhost:8081/dist/server_side.html

    To test on a project locally

    # in this folder (trk_datatables package folder)
    yarn link
    # to see links
    ls -la ~/.config/yarn/link
    # in usage folder (rails folder)
    rm -rf node_modules/trk_datatables
    yarn link trk_datatables
    # this will create link node_modules/trk_datatables ->
    # ../../../.config/yarn/link/trk_datatables which points to
    # ~/javascript/trk_datatables
    # when you are done, you should use npm version, not local
    yarn unlink trk_datatables
    yarn add trk_datatables

    Also to debug on Rails app, you can put debugger here in src/index.js and change (simply add new line) app/javascript/packs/application.js to triger webpack rebuild.

    For icons we used npm install fontello-cli -g and open a page:

    fontello-cli --config fontello/config.json open

    You can download package and extract to /fontello or you can download config.json and copy and install (in this case it will not update demo.html)

    cp ~/Downloads/config.json fontello/
    fontello-cli --config fontello/config.json install

    To see local previews you can also

    gnome-open fontello/demo.html


    Release new version by updating version in package.json and push

    npm publish



    npm i trk_datatables

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