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Treeselect JS component

A multi-select js component with nested options.

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Live Demo:

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Getting Started

npm install --save treeselectjs

Import treeselectjs (ES)

import Treeselect from 'treeselectjs'

@import 'treeselectjs/dist/treeselectjs.css // Styles

Import treeselectjs (UMD)

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
  const treeselect = new Treeselect({ ...props })


import Treeselect from 'treeselectjs'

const options = [
    name: 'England',
    value: 1,
    children: [
        name: 'London',
        value: 2,
        children: [
            name: 'Chelsea',
            value: 3,
            children: []
            name: 'West End',
            value: 4,
            children: []
        name: 'Brighton',
        value: 5,
        children: []
    name: 'France',
    value: 6,
    children: [
        name: 'Paris',
        value: 7,
        children: []
        name: 'Lyon',
        value: 8,
        children: []

// Use slot if you need
const slot = document.createElement('div')
slot.innerHTML='<a class="treeselect-demo__slot" href="">Click!</a>'

const domElement = document.querySelector('.treeselect-demo')
const treeselect = new Treeselect({
  parentHtmlContainer: domElement,
  value: [4, 7, 8],
  options: options,
  listSlotHtmlComponent: slot

treeselect.srcElement.addEventListener('input', (e) => {
  console.log('Selected value:', e.detail)

slot.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
  alert('Slot click!')


Core props

Name Type (default) Description
parentHtmlContainer HTMLElement (required!) It should be a HTML element (div), it will be changed to the list container.
value Array[String | Number] ([]) An array of value from options prop. This value will be selected on load of the treeselect. You can call updateValue to update prop or set value treeselect.value and call mount. The value changes if you check/uncheck checkboxes or remove tags from the input.
options Array[Object] ([]) It is an array of objects {name: String, value: String, disabled?: Boolean, htmlAttr?: object, children: [] }, where children are the same array of objects. Do not use duplicated value field. But you can use duplicated names. Read more.
disabled Boolean (false) List will be disabled.
id String ('') id attribute for the accessibility.
ariaLabel String ('') ariaLabel attribute for the accessibility.
isSingleSelect Boolean (false) Converts multi-select to the single value select. Checkboxes will be removed. You should pass only one id instead of array of values. Also you can set showTags to false. It helps to show treeselect as a dropdown.
isGroupedValue Boolean (false) Return groups if they selected instead of separate ids. Treeselect returns only leaves ids by default.
isIndependentNodes Boolean (false) All nodes in treeselect work as an independent entity. Check/uncheck action ignore children/parent updates workflow. Disabled nodes ignore children/parent workflow as well.
rtl Boolean (false) RTL mode.

List settings props

Name Type (default) Description
disabledBranchNode Boolean (false) It is impossible to select groups. You can select only leaves.
openLevel Number (0) All groups will be opened to this level.
appendToBody Boolean (false) List will be appended to the body instead of the input container.
alwaysOpen Boolean (false) List will be always opened. You can use it for comfortable style changing. If you what to use it as an opened list, turn staticList to true.
staticList Boolean (false) Add the list as a static DOM element. List doesn't overlap content. This prop will be ignored if you use appendToBody.
emptyText String ('No results found...') A empty list text.
listSlotHtmlComponent HTMLElement (null) It should be a HTML element, it will be append to the end of the list.
direction String (auto) A force direction for the list. Supported values: auto, top, bottom.
expandSelected Boolean (false) All groups which have checked values will be expanded on the init.
saveScrollPosition Boolean (true) The list saves the last scroll position before close. If you open the list your scroll will be on the previous position. If you set the value to false - the scroll will have position 0 and the first item will be focused every time.

Input settings props

Name Type (default) Description
showTags Boolean (true) Selected values look like tags. The false value shows results as '{count} elements selected'. You can change text if you use tagsCountText prop. For one selected element, you will see a name of this element.
tagsCountText String ('elements selected') This text will be shown if you use 'showTags'. This text will be inserted after the count of the selected elements - '{count} {tagsCountText}'.
showCount Boolean (false) Shows count of children near the group's name.
clearable Boolean (true) Clear icon is available.
searchable Boolean (true) Search is available.
placeholder String ('Search...') Placeholder text.
grouped Boolean (true) Show groups in the input and group leafs if all group selected.

Callback props

Check Emits section for more info.

Name Type (default) Description
inputCallback (value) => void (undefined) Callback method for input if you don't want to to eventListener.
openCallback (value) => void (undefined) Callback method for open if you don't want to use eventListener.
closeCallback (value) => void (undefined) Callback method for close if you don't want to use eventListener.
nameChangeCallback (name) => void (undefined) Callback method for name-change if you don't want to use eventListener.
searchCallback (value) => void (undefined) Callback method for search if you don't want to use eventListener.
openCloseGroupCallback (groupId: ValueOptionType, isClosed: boolean) => void (undefined) Callback method for open-close-group if you don't want to use eventListener.

Additional props

Name Type (default) Description
iconElements Object({ arrowUp, ... }) Object contains all svg icons. You can use HTMLElement or a String to reset values from the default Object. Object: iconElements: { arrowUp, arrowDown, arrowRight, attention, clear, cross, check, partialCheck }. After reset of icon you have to update styles if it is necessary, use alwaysOpen prop for more comfortable work with styles changes.

Option description

Is is description of the one option of the options prop:

Name Type Description
value String | Number (required!) It is a value of the node. It should be unique!
name String (required!) It is the name of the node. Can be duplicated.
disabled Boolean (optional) The node will be disabled. It is an optional field, you can skip it if no need to work with disabled values.
htmlAttr Object (optional) The object of the HTML attributes, the value of the object should be a String type. These attributes will be merged into the node HTML tag.
children {name: String, value: String, disabled?: Boolean, htmlAttr?: object, children: [] }[] Children are the same array of objects.


Name Return Type Description
input Array[String | Number] Returns selected values, action is triggered on change the list value. Add eventListener or use inputCallback prop to get value.
open Array[String | Number] Returns selected values, action is triggered on opening the list. Add eventListener or use openCallback prop to get value.
close Array[String | Number] Returns selected values, action is triggered on closing the list. Add eventListener or use closeCallback prop to get value.
name-change String Returns selected name inside the input, action is triggered on on change the list. Add eventListener or use nameChangeCallback prop to get name.
search String Returns entered search value, action is triggered on change search value during the typing. Add eventListener or use searchCallback prop to get value. You can try create something like autocomplete with help of this event.
open-close-group { groupId: [String | Number], isClosed: Boolean } Returns groupId and closed/open status of this group, action is triggered on open/close group in the list. Add eventListener or use openCloseGroupCallback prop to get value.


Name Params Description
updateValue Array[String | Number] Update selected values.
mount None Helps to remount and update settings. Change settings that you need (treeselect.appendToBody = true), then call mount().
destroy None Deletes elements from the DOM. Call mount() to add treeselect to the DOM with previously saved internal data. If you need to recreate treeselect with default params - call new Treeselect(options).
focus None Focuses treeselect input without open/close state changes.
toggleOpenClose None Open or close treeselect list and focus treeselect input.


  1. If you want to change the padding of the element you can use CSS selector. I've added 'group' and 'level' attributes, but you have to use !important.
  2. If you want to update props, set props to the entity of the class and then call mount() method.
  3. Use updateValue() method to update only the value.
  4. If you need to delete List from the DOM when you don't need treeselect anymore - call destroy().
  5. Do not use duplicated values for the options. You will see a error with duplicated values. But you can use duplicated names.
  6. Value prop inside the options prop should be a String or Number.
  7. If you use isSingleSelect prop, you should pass only a single value without an array.
  8. If you use isSingleSelect prop, you can set showTags to false. It helps to show treeselect as a dropdown. Also you can disable selecting of group's nodes with help of disabledBranchNode.


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