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A full featured and free API Gateway in Node JS

Why do I need an API Gateway?

An API gateway provides a single, unified entry point across one or more internal APIs. It is an important element in any microservice architecture.


Why Tree Gateway?

Tree Gateway is a free and open source solution writen in Node JS that has a complete and customizable pipeline to handle your requests. It provides:

  • Authentication: More than 300 strategies available through an easy passportjs integration, including support to JWT tokens, Oauth, Basic and many others.
  • A flexible and robust Routing system that allows any kind of customized request pipeline.
  • Rate limits - To control quotas for your customers and to define actions to be taken when any quota is exceeded.
  • Caching system - Allow you to easily inject and control caching behavior for your APIs. Tree Gateway provides two kinds of cache:
    • At browser level - Intercepting the responses and controling how the HTTP cache headers are used.
    • At a server level - Caching responses for your APIs in memory (using the redis database).
  • Easy Service Discovery, using your preffered registry.
  • Integrated CircuitBreaker - A fast circuitbreaker to fast fail your responses when your API is having problems to work. It support custom handlers for events like "open" or "close" circuit.
  • Real Time Monitoring and Analytics -
    • Collect statistics about any access to your APIs. Capture any event, like a cache hit on a cache entrance, a circuitbreaker open circuit or an authentication attempt.
    • Use an existing monitor (or define your own monitor) to capture periodic information about the server or about your APIs. Ex: CPU monitor, MEM Monitor etc.
    • A very flexible and powerfull log system, that can be integrated with any service like logstash, loggly or new relic.
  • Easy Administration - The gateway can be configured remotelly. And no restart is needed. Any API configuration can be "hot" changed and all configurations are propagated to other tree-gateway cluster nodes with no pain. The gateway can be configured through:
    • Admin API - A REST API that can be invoked through HTTP;
    • SDK - A Node JS SDK that can be used to configure the Gateway (or a cluster of gateways) programmatically;
    • CLI - A command line tool can be used to configure using shell commands or scripts.
  • Focused on Performance and High Availability - Turn easy the creation of big clusters.
    • Support clusters of redis to share configurations, circuitbreaker states, cached content and so on.
    • Automatically propagate events to all cluster nodes.
    • Auto discovery for cluster nodes.
    • Very low resources footprint.
  • Everything can be extended or customized using only Javascript. All plugins can be written in pure Javascript.

Watch the Quickstart video

Try Tree Gateway

Take a better look into Tree Gateway by checking out the project and working with it guided by our Docs.