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This is a command-line tool to keep track of all the issues in a github project (made with in mind)

you can try it today :) (disclaimer: not 100% done)

Get the repo

$ git clone

Link it

cd issue-tracker
npm link

Set it up

$ trckr set repo <username>/<repo> # e.g diasdavid/issue-tracker
$ trckr set secret <useragent> <accesstoken> # e.g diasdavid SASDASDASDSDA.. , chck out to get yours at

You are ready to go :)

features aka commands (MVP 0.1)

trckr fullupdate
trckr new                               # tell me what issues are 'new'
trckr review                            # tell me the issues that I don't 
trckr pipeline <issueNumber> <state>    # alias to pipeline should be pl
trckr pipeline <issueNumber> next       # alias to pipeline should be plreview for more than the 'threshold' number of days
trckr set pipeline new,a,b,c,d,e,close
trckt set repo <user>/<reponame>
trckr set secret <useragent> <accesstoken>

Dev mode

This way, you won't mess with your records

export NODE_ENV=dev

Issue object model example

 { type: 'Issue',
  _saved: true,
  isValid: [Function],
  save: [Function],
  updateProperties: [Function],
  updateAttributes: [Function],
  toJSON: [Function],
  toData: [Function],
  toObj: [Function],
  toString: [Function],
  _getAssociation: [Function],
  _createAssociation: [Function],
  _removeAssociation: [Function],
  _commitAssociationChanges: [Function],
  clone: [Function],
  _events: {},
  createdAt: Sun Jan 19 2014 16:38:33 GMT+0000 (WET),
  updatedAt: undefined,
  url: '',
  htmlUrl: '',
  number: 2,
  state: 'open',
  title: 'switch issue model to camelCase',
  body: '`model` enforces camelCase, everything that is not camelCase is not well saved, I have to monkey patch the name of the fields that come down from the fetch issue',
   { login: 'diasdavid',
     id: 1211152,
     avatar_url: '',
     gravatar_id: '0b2bf11db649b4901d41510c3b48ea55',
     url: '',
     html_url: '',
     followers_url: '',
     following_url: '{/other_user}',
     gists_url: '{/gist_id}',
     starred_url: '{/owner}{/repo}',
     subscriptions_url: '',
     organizations_url: '',
     repos_url: '',
     events_url: '{/privacy}',
     received_events_url: '',
     type: 'User',
     site_admin: false },
   [ { url: '',
       name: 'bug',
       color: 'fc2929' } ],
  assignee: null,
  milestone: null,
  comments: 0,
  pullRequest: { html_url: null, diff_url: null, patch_url: null },
  closedAt: null,
  trckrState: 'new',
  trckrLastReview: null,
  trckrPingback: null,
  id: '466565B5-8D91-4B9E-A2F9-4194F6AC62AF' }