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manually trigger travis builds


Useful if an external dependency (like a plugin/module, server, or service) was down when the test originally ran, or if your testing target changes over time (like a▸ web scraper).

  • A repo that has testing enabled and at least one test previously ran
  • Github credentials for an account with access to the travis repo
  var travisPing = require('travis-ping');
    {username: 'patrickkettner', password: 'mYr33lP4$5w0rd101jk'}, // Credentials 
    'patrickkettner/travis-ping',                                  // Repository 
    {branch: 'master'},                                            // Filter 
    function(travisResponse) {                                     // Callback 
  travis-ping patrickkettner/travis-ping [options]

When run from the commandline, you are asked for your username and credentials.

Alternatively you may supply a GitHub personal access token with --token [token] or the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable and use the tool without interaction. When using as a module set {github_token: token} instead of the username and password.

To connect to the Pro API (, use the --pro option. As module, add pro: true to the credentials.

You can filter on a branch using --branch [branch] to restart the last build of a specific branch. As module, use {branch: branch} as filter.

Use --push to restart a build for a push event, excluding builds for pull requests. The --pull-request option will do the oposite. As module, set {eventType: 'push'} or {eventType: 'pull_request'} as filter.