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Transmute Framework

TypeScript dApp Framework

Very alpha, expect breaking changes...

$ npm install transmute-framework@latest --save
$ yarn add transmute-framework@latest

NPM version Build Status Coverage Status Standard Version


yarn install           - install the package and its dependencies
yarn cleanup           - clean the project of all build and debug data
yarn testrpc:start     - start testrpc
yarn testrpc:stop      - stop testrpc
yarn truffle:migrate   - migrate truffle contracts
yarn truffle:test      - run truffle tests
yarn test              - test framework with jest (not truffle tests)
yarn build             - build the library
yarn docs              - build the docs
yarn docs:deploy       - deploy the docs
npm version patch      - increment the package version and create a tag
npm publish            - deploy the package to npm
pm2 kill               - kill testrpc and any other pm2 processes


Please fork and submit PRs. There are integration tests for truffle and javascript libraries that run in travis.