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transform-stack Flattr this!experimental

Add/remove individual transformations from a DOM node's CSS transform style, with the hopes of minimising interference with other transforms being applied from other parts of your code.



push = transform(node)

Create a new transform stack for node.

pop = push(value)

Appends a new transform operation of value to the node's transform style. This should just be a string, e.g. translate(50px, 0).

Returns a pop function, which you can use to remove the transform later.


Removes the previously applied transform. Note: if you have two transforms of exactly the same type and values, you may run into issues with transform order.


When calling push with no arguments, you will be given an array in return that contains each transform in the stack, e.g.:

    "translate(50px, 0)"
  , "rotate(45deg)"
  , "scale(0.5, 0.5)"


MIT. See for details.