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SPIN - React Version 1.3


  1. Make sure you have NodeJS >= 7.0.0 installed on your machine.
  2. Clone this repository to local directory - git clone
  3. Run npm install to install nescessary NPM dependecies


  • npm start - start development mode with Hot Reloading enabled
  • npm run deploy:prod - compile source to the dist directory

Non-modular SCSS

Attach SCSS files which shouldn't be modularized by Webpack (plugin style overrides for example) to /styles/core.scss.

Used libraries




  • Koa ^2.0.0-alpha.3 - Web Server used for serving the application.
  • Webpack ^1.12.14 - Advanced system used for modules management. It is backed by a multitude of smaller loaders which add nescessary functionalities.
  • Sass Loader ^3.0.0 - Webpack loader which allows the usage of SCSS modules.
  • Babel ^6.3.19 - Provides support for ES2015+ and JSX


These libraries are used to generate random data state trees to use in Containers for demonstration purposes.